12 Steps Workshop with Nicholas.

Dear fellows,

The Barcelona SA group is pleased to announce the 12 step workshop that Nicholas from England will do in our city. The arrival is scheduled between 15:30 pm and 17:30 on Saturday 29th of April. The workshop will begin at 18:00 until the lunch of the 1st of May.

Nicholas’ workshop, improved after many years, is a big opportunity both for newcomers who have not yet worked the steps, and for those who have a desire to deepen their knowledge on the steps for their own recovery and to become better sponsors.

The workshop will take a very dynamic and creative approach into the each one of the twelve steps, both individually and in groups. The workshop will be useful in detecting at which step we have more difficulties and why, and also in learning better ways to get in touch with our Higher Power. The workshop will make use of several exercises, writing a 4th Step, etc.

The event will take place in the Sant Ignasi House of Exercises in the Jesuits of Sarria, a beautiful building in the neighbourhood of Sarria, at 10 minutes from the city center by train. For more information: http://www.jesuites.net/es/casasarria



How to arrive from the airport:

1) Aerobus to Plaça Catalunya (25 min)

2) Train FGC to Sarriá station (lines L6, L12, S1, S2, S5 or S55) (10 min):
Entrance: https://www.google.es/maps/dir//41.3857168,2.169598/@41.3858219,2.1692387,19.25z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2
3) Walk to the House (5 min): https://www.google.es/maps/dir/41.3986778,2.1253966/41.4030595,2.1213274/@41.4008455,2.1213502,17z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2

The price of the event is 110 € until the 1rst of March and 120 € after, both prices for the single and double rooms; double rooms will be given priority to members with an S-Anon partner. The price includes from the dinner on the 29th of April, to the lunch on the 1st of May, with the possibility to choose between a regular meal, vegetarian or vegan. The payment has to be sent to the Spanish IG bank account (SA bank and PayPal account) with the concept “Nicholas in Barcelona” followed by the name and a first letter. Afterwards the registry has to be done in: Registration (next)

The number of single and double rooms is limited.

For any other question, get in contact with the organizing Committee at:

En fellowship,

SA Barcelona


Please, read carefully before filling this form. Do not forget to print and bring to the Workshop the report that you will receive, as it will proof that you made the inscription. Some days before the event, you will receive a confirmation email.

Before filling this form, it is necessary to do the payment in the SA Spanish Intergroup bank account  (SA bank and PayPal account) and in the description add “Nicholas in Barcelona” followed by your name and an initial letter (the same that you will introduce in this form). The price of the Workshop includes the lodging of the nights between the 29th and 30 of April and between the 30th of April and the 1st of May. It also includes the dinner of the 29th of April; the breakfast, lunch and dinner of the 30th; and the breakfast and lunch of the Monday 1st of May.

(*) Requerido / Required


Tu nombre e inicial / Your name and first letter (*)

Ciudad y país de origen / City and country (*)

Tu e-mail / email (*)

Tu teléfono / Phone (*)

Grupo Base / Home group (*)

Tipo de habitación / Room type (*)
Individual / SingleDoble para matrimonio / Double (marriage only)

Nombre del cónyuge / Spouse or husband name

Tipo de comida / Food type (*)
Normal / StandardRégimen (sin grasas) / Fat freeVegetariana / VegetarianVegana / Vegan

Datos de pago del Evento / Payment data

Fecha del pago: usar formato dd-mm-aaaa / Payment date: use format dd-mm-yyyy (*)

Importe pagado en € / Payment amount in € (*)

Medio de pago / Payment method (*)
Transferencia / Bank transferIngreso en efectivo / Cash incomePayPalOtro (indicar en Observaciones ) / Other (Specify in Remarks)

Persona que ha realizado el pago / Name of the person who did the payment (*)

Observaciones (Si necesitas hacer alguna aclaración) /Remarks

Solo para quien se hospede mas días de los del Evento / Only for those who stay more days of the event
Llego antes del Evento / I arrive before the EventMe quedo después del Evento / I stay after the Event

You can cancel your reservation by notifying it to the Organizing Committee through the address docepasosconnicholas@sexolicosanonimos.org
If the cancelation is notified more than 15 days prior to the event, the 100% of the payment amount will be returned to you less the 15 € as registration expenses.
If the cancelation is notified more than 8 days prior to the event, the 50% of the payment amount will be returned.
If the cancelation is notified during the last 7 days before the event, no amount will be returned, unless that after the payment of the costs of the event, there is the possibility to return up to 50% of the payment amount.